The Goat

Steep Roof Assist (Deluxe Package)

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"Deluxe Goat"

The Deluxe Goat is much like the regular goat but with a bag! Really though..... we all know that loose tools become lost or broken tools. Having a carrying case for this product is well worth the extra cheddar. We have also included an extra 4' extension pole as sometimes you need just a few extra feet to reach that tall roof peak. 

If the bag isn't your jam, we offer one without if that is more your style. 

  • Weight limit is 350 lbs 
  • Roof pitch limits 45 degrees or 12/12 pitch
  • Be sure device is secure on the roof before applying your weight
  • This device is to be used only as intended, intended use first man up, last man down, and/or one-man inspection tool
  • Always maintain three-points of contact
  • Product length 20 ft
  • Product weight 16 lbs


  • 1 Duffle Bag
  • (6) 4' Poles
  • Pins with soft-touch hook pad and wheel giving you 24 lineal ft

DANGER watch for wires this device conducts electricity

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Additional Info


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