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Solar Panel Hanger (pair)

Price (per pair)$375.59

The solar panel hanger is designed to assist with the mounting, leveling and staging of solar panels in traditional roof mount situations. The tool was created to speed up installation, help ensure your panels are perfectly aligned, and provide a safe way to stage multiple panels on the roof at one time. 

What’s it made of?

Universal Jaw/Telescoping Tubes are made of anodized aluminum. Adjustment Foot is made of high performance plastic. This patented design can withstand the wear and tear of your installation crew. Trust us we know, we’ve been putting it to the test firsthand!

What type of racking does it work with?

EcoFasten Solar, Everest Solar Systems, IronRidge, DWP (Performed Line Products), Quick Mount PV, Unirac, Sunmodo & Snapnrack have all been confirmed!

Why do I need it?

  • Speed up installations
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Holds panels in place while wiring the array
  • Simplify the process of leveling panels
  • Hold panels in place before mounting
  • Reduce the risk of installer injury
  • Works on any rail style racking
  • Adjustable panel cantilever

Quick Facts:

Installing Solar Panels

  1. Universal Jaw works with any industry standard racking  
    • Width Range .75"-1.625" in 0.040" increments
  2. Macro adjustments allow panel cantilever adjustments in portrait or landscape from 10"-15" overhang
    • Range 9.5"-14.5" in 1" increments (from lower racking to bottom of solar panel)
  3. Micro adjustments accurately level panels to roof line and adjacent panel
    • Range 1.5" in continuous increments
  4. Weight capacity (per set) in install mode is 60lbs on a 12/12 pitch roof**

Staging Solar Panels

  1. Holds up to 6 panels per set
    • 200 lbs on a 12/12 pitch roof**

** Product not recommended for use above 12/12 pitch roof

It's a great question and the answer depends on how many installation crews you have, how large your average install is, and what your ultimate goal is.

These tools are sold as a pair, and it takes one pair for each panel being installed. To start out, it's reasonable to only have one pair of tools and install one panel at a time, however, this is not the most optimal. We recommend to all our customers that as a bare minimum they start with two pairs. This allows you to leave one pair under the first panel laid, moving the other set to the open space on the rack and on to the next panel. Dramatically improving installation time.

With that said, the more pairs of tools you have, the faster the install will go. Our customers have told us that having enough tools to lay the first row of panels without having to move any tools is the most helpful. Going this route allows them to set the rail, place the tools in their spots, lay the full first row of panels, adjust the panels, and tighten everything down without any unnecessary moving of the tools. The key benefit of this tool is installation efficiency, so the more you have the more efficient the install will be.

In the end, we understand that a large investment in these tools is not possible for everyone, so our recommendation (considering both time savings and money investment) would be five (5) pairs. After that feel free to add more as necessary. We fully believe you'll want more after using this tool! Thanks for reading, and if you have any more questions please contact us.

30 Day Workmanship Warranty

We’d be bummed to hear that one of our products didn’t meet the high quality and durability standards we strive for and we want to make it right.  Within 30 days of your purchase date if a product purchased from our website becomes damaged or defective we will happily repair or replace it**. 

To take advantage of this warranty, please contact customerservice@solartoolsusa.com to verify authorization of your return. 

Here’s all the legal stuff we have to say:

The product or part must be returned for examination, postage prepaid, to Solar Tools USA. Proof of purchase date and an explanation of the reason for the complaint must accompany the merchandise. If our inspection discloses a defect, we will either repair or replace the product, or we may elect to refund the purchase price if we can not readily and quickly provide you with a repair or replacement. We will return the repaired or replaced product at our expense, but if we determine there is no defect, or that the defect resulted from causes not within the scope of our warranty, then you must bear the cost of returning the product. 


This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs or alterations outside of our facilities or the lack of maintenance. 

Only purchases made directly on solartoolsusa.com website qualify for the 30 day guarantee.  For all other purchases please contact the reseller directly.


Customer Reviews

Gives me another set of hands to work with

I have been a solar installer for over 5 years. I would say for about the first 3 years I would be working on the roof by myself and even now I work solo if I need to. This tool basically gives me another set of hands to work with. I use it to hold panels in place and adjust to make the panels straight and level. Steep roofs are pretty much impossible to install an array by yourself but with this tool it makes it easy. It saves on time, money on labor, esthetics, as well as makes the job a lot more safe when working by yourself. They are super easy to use, well made, durable, and versatile for landscape, portrait, and different types of rail you are working with. I wouldn’t do another install without my set!

Easy to use and really helpful on steep roofs

I really like the Solar Panel Hanger. It definitely saves time, especially on the first module. As any solar installer knows, aligning the first module is the most critical step in installing a clean and straight array. The tool allows for those fine adjustments without having to awkwardly hold the module just right while another guy tightens down the top clips. We often go back and check the alignment after installing 2 or 3 panels and with this tool we have been much more accurate with our alignment the first time around reducing the need to go back and adjust. This tool is easy to use and is really helpful on those steep roofs.

Cuts our panel install time in half

I have been using the Solar Tool, from Solar Tools USA for over a year now, and I would never lay panels without it again. The tool works with both portrait and landscape arrays, and is adjustable, between 9” and 16” (with micro adjustments between each setting). It hooks right onto your Iron Ridge rail and holds the panel in position for mounting. So, as long as you set your rail level, you can literally plug and play, that ever so important bottom row. It gives you that 3rd hand for solo Installs and takes the guesswork out installing. And, let's say your rail isn’t perfectly level (not that that ever happens) that’s where the micro adjustments knob on the end comes in handy. The Solar Tool has cut our panel install time in half. I recommend having at least 4 tools, two for the panel you’re hanging and one for the next panel for ease of leveling. I have 20 of them now and lay them out for my first 10 panels and literally plug, zip down and go. Highly recommend this tool.

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