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25 year warranty on all parts to match the warranty on the solar system you are installing

Solar Attic Fan

Ever challenged with coordinating access into a customer's attic to complete your wiring work on a solar install? Or better yet, maybe the crawl space is so small or the location is so challenging you're not even sure how your gonna fit through it...
wire rope saw for fast cutting of roof vent pipes

Vent Pipe Cutter

The vent pipe rope saw is an ingeniously versatile cutter for use in confined work areas. It also works great when on a roof and you need need to cut a vent pipe. The 32" serrated cutting cable easily slices through roof vent pipes. Comfort grip handles...
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Kestrel Harness, 50' Rope, Fall Arrester, Positioning Lanyard and 20" Shock Pack

Solar Install Fall Protection Kit

$549.95 - $694.51
Just getting yourself dialed in on your fall protection and need a full kit? We've put together several different kits to meet your needs. Each option always includes the Kestral harness, 50' life line rope and back-up fall arrester. From there you can...
50' Rope with Fall Arrester, Shock Pack and positioning Y-Lanyard

Solar Installation Lifeline Kit

$299.95 - $444.95
Already have a fall protection harness you love, but need to add all the other components? We've put together several different kits to meet your needs. Each option always includes the 50' lifeline rope and back-up fall arrester. From there you can...
Kestrel Fall Protection Harness Front

Kestrel Harness

Have you ever been overwhelmed when looking for the right fall protection harness that works best for installing solar? Have you ever wondered why some harnesses are $50 and others are $500? Does your fall protection harness cause you frustration? Our...
Lockjaw Ladder Grip Side View

Gutter Clamp Ladder Stabilizer

We've all climbed a ladder and had a little moment of panic when it suddenly swayed and you lost your balance for a moment.  Imagine the intensity of that feeling when you've added the task of carrying a solar panel at the same time. Ladder safety...
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Ladder Safety Legs

Ladder Safety Legs

These ladder safety legs are arguably one of the best and most stable ladder stabilizer options we have ever seen. The method sets itself apart from other ladder stabilizers in its unique design. Traditional options provide a security feature at the top...
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RidgePro with 8'-16' extension pole

RidgePro Roof Anchor

$70.00 - $499.00
THE PREMIUM DEVICE FOR STEEP-SLOPE ROOFING SAFETY Compliant with OSHA standard 1926 Subpart M for a single user, withstanding and exceeding 5,000 pounds of static strength force. As we all know, fall protection is a must when negotiating a roof while...
Compact Steep Roof Assist Package

Steep Roof Assist

"The Goat" If you have ever worked on a steep roof, a roof covered in snow, or even a metal roof in the rain, then you will understand the need for this tool. It is literally a lifesaver in many ways. Whether you are climbing on the roof to do an...
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Steep Roof Assist Duffel Bag with extension straps

Steep Roof Assist (Deluxe Package)

"Deluxe Goat" The Deluxe Goat is much like the regular goat but with a bag! Really though..... we all know that loose tools become lost or broken tools. Having a carrying case for this product is well worth the extra cheddar. We have also included an...
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50 foot Life Line

50' Lifeline

Looking for the best fall protection rope on the market? We think we've found it! The Teufelberger 11mm Rope with Steel Snap Hook is a polyester sheath and nylon core rope engineered with flexibility and performance in mind. With the 32 carrier...
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ANIS Back Up Unit

Back-Up Fall Arrester

Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI The Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI is a certified version of the well-known Back-Up fall arrester. Safe and simple to use with only one hand and follows along with you as you move along your line! That's right....with this...
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