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3S Lift Solar Panel Hoist (electric)

2 year warranty from manufacture
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The 3S LIFT Ladder Hoist is a customized, portable solution for lifting heavy & oversized materials, like CMU/Ballast Block and Solar Panels, to the rooftop efficiently and effortlessly. This unit is operated by 120 volts and provides for a smooth and limitless number of lifts during the work day. 


  • Roof Support Bracket: Using flexible material, this ductile piece provides support to the guide rails on the roof to ensure stability and protect the roof from damage.
  • Steel Wire Rope Reversing Wheel: This carbon steel welding structure guarantees a solid and durable rope and provides security from falling with a safety catch mechanism.
  • Adjustable Angle Section: Adjust between 20 ° – 42 ° to allow the rails to fit properly to the roof or other inclined surfaces.
  • Adjustable Guide Rail Support: Length can be adjusted from 5.4 m to 7.2 m to provide support to guide rails of different heights.
  • LBS Grooved Drum: Ensures the orderliness and even stress of multiple layers of wire rope during winding, reducing friction and extrusion deformation, so that the service life of the wire rope is greatly extended.
  • Manual Lowering Function: Should the unit experience a power failure, it can be lowered to the ground
  • Overload Detection: Prevents any damage to property and personnel. 
  • High-strength aluminum alloy guide rail, reliable, durable and wear-resistant


  • Simple: 100% tool-free installation, using eye nuts and bolts to connect the rail sections
    Average install: 20 minutes x 2 people
  • Portable: Small in size and light in weight, can be easily transported using just regular trucks or vans
  • Durable: Patented LBS rope groove design extends the service life of wire rope
  • Reliable: Equipped with a safety catch mechanism, overload monitoring system, power failure protection, and emergency braking system, ensuring the safety of operators, materials, and the product itself
  • Multi-Purpose: Equipped with a variety of optional platforms, it's suitable for many applications, such as Roof PV Installation, Construction & Maintenance, Logistics & Storage


In order to place your order, you will be required to choose from 1 of 4 platform options for your hoist. Below is a brief description of each, to assist with your selection.

Horizontal Solar Panel Platform

This selection allows for solar panels to be placed on the platform in landscape orientation. It can hold 6-10 panels per carry and is secured with an adjustable splint arm. (Also compatible with items such as doors, windows, sheets of wood, drywall, etc)

Vertical Solar Panel Platform

This selection allows for solar panels to be placed on the platform in portrait orientation. This configuration provides the added ability to keep panels separated which can reduce stress/pressure on panels squeezed together. This platform can hold 6 panels per carry and will need to be secured with a properly rated strap (not included)

Brick Platform

This multi-purpose lifting cage provides a solution to the vertical haul of heavy construction materials (like bricks) safely and securely. The cage design allows for added security so that materials will not escape during the lift. Max load capacity is 550 lbs. Cage size 27.6in x 13in x 31.9in

Universal Platform

This selection provides a solution for the vertical haul of various other tools and materials overhead. If the cage dimensions won't work for your load, the universal platform is the solution, as you can simply fold down the sides. This provides for a more versatile lift for your awkwardly shaped items. 


1× 1.5 kW drive unit, 120V, 60Hz, integrated with 43 m wire rope (φ6 mm), 21 m limit switch cable, control box,
1× Remote control with emergency stop switch-5 m cable
1× 0.5 m standard rail section
1× Bottom 2 m rail section (adjustable ground feet)
1× Head rail section
1× Knee section
1× Slope roof support bracket
1× Guide rail support 7.2 m
1× Carriage
1× Power cable (UL)
1× High power plug (UL)
1X Platform (of your choosing)


Max Load: 550 lbs.  If the load exceeds this specificed maximum load by 10% an alarm will sound and hoist will stop automatically. 

Max Height: This varies depending on the unit puirchased

Maintenance: Generally maintenance-free. Only need replacement of wearing parts (extra parts come with each hoist order) and gearbox lubricants. 

Service Life: 140,000 lifting operations if properly maintained.

Product Weight: Gross 880 lbs


Additional Info

Additional Info

2 year warranty from manufacture
Usually ships in 24 hours

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