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Solar Panel Cleaning Kit with Duffle Bag/Carrying Case

Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Cleaning solar panels is a lot like cleaning windows. It can be daunting and sometimes challenging dependent on how far you have to reach.  This Pro Curve Solar Panel Cleaning System has all the tools you need to reach and clean even the most...
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Solar Panel Cleaner Polywater Cleaning Products Quart, Gallon, Five Gallon

Solar Panel Cleaner

$24.95 - $215.95
We're not here to convince you whether or not cleaning your solar panels regularly is a necessity. That's up to you to decide. We are just here to present the options and the rationale behind why it might be worth considering. Solar panels get dirty,...
Cleaning pack includes the cleaning tool kit, one gallon of solar panel cleaner concentrate, and one gutter clamp ladder stabilizer

Solar Panel Cleaning Pack

$409.95 - $429.95
Solar panels get dirty, that is a fact that can't be argued. The longer they go without a cleaning, the more the solar generation of the panels is affected. Depending upon the local climate and other conditions, solar panels could potentially lose as...
Kit includes pole, pole tubing, 3/8 hose, handy reel and hose adapter

27' Water-Fed Pole Kit (150' Hose Reel)

TUCKER®️ SOLAR BOOST 27’ WATER-FED POLE KIT WITH ALPHA SOLAR BRUSH   What's included: 1 Tucker® - Solar Boost 27' Carbon Fiber Water-Fed Pole 1 Tucker®️ Alpha Solar XL Brush 100' Tucker® 5/16" OD Pole Tubing 150' Hand Carry...
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3-Stage Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Rival Solar Kit

TUCKER®️ WATER FED POLE SOLAR PANEL CLEANING KIT W/ RIVAL  This professional-level pure water cleaning system is an entry-level RO/DI kit designed for residential properties and low- rise buildings. This kit is great for those looking for an...
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5-Stage Max Output Kit for Solar Panel Cleaning

5 Stage Max Output Kit

TUCKER®️ WATER FED POLE SOLAR PANEL CLEANING KIT W/ MAX OUTPUT The Tucker® Max Output 5-Stage Solar Panel Cleaning Kit features the new Max Output RO/DI cart with two 40" RO membranes, independent sediment and carbon pre-filtration, and DI...
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