God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt!

. . . unless you’re a solar system!! Then dirt will certainly hurt your solar production.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your solar panels covered in dust and grime all summer long, they’re begging for a cleaning.

The even costlier faux pas here is if you choose to wash them with a little dish soap and water.

Polywater is a biodegradable, water-based cleaning solution specifically designed to break down the dirt and oils that accumulate on solar panels. The solution additionally contains a spot-free rinsing aid which eliminates the need for deionized or reverse osmosis water and promotes water sheeting, it’s basically like RainX for solar panels.

This solution will not degrade panels, hardware, or anti-reflective film. (A common occurrence with many store-bought detergent options.)

Available in a variety of sizes to meet your job needs.