Ground Mount Pipe Caps

It’s your install so why isn’t your name on it?

Seriously, how many ground mount solar installation have you done and not one of them has your company's logo on them. Sure some of us try to put a sticker on the pipe, combiner box or inverter which has our company information on it but they all fade over time. 

With our custom logoed pipe caps you can certainly change that. We customize our Ridged SCH 40 / Mechanical tubing pipe caps with your logo and can even add on your company's phone number to it. This will last the lifetime of the system and provide a few other benefits. 

Beyond capping off the ends of your rigid SCH 40 or mechanical tubing and leave behind your company name. These caps will keep the bees and wasps from building nest in the pipes. They will keep any critter from building nest in the pipe but the number one issue any serviceman or system owner faces is being attacked by wasps/yellowjackets when out working on there ground mount solar system. 

These caps are available in 1.5”, 2” and 3” sizes and are made of ABS plastic to withstand the elements.

The best part is that these pipe caps are press fit design means no special tools or glue to attach. Check them out with the link below.