Looking for a game changer to your rooftop solar installs?

We’ve got the solution right here!

Let me first say that I totally understand that old habits die hard. For the solar installers out there that have been slinging panels for quite some time, you have your process and I understand changing that process can be a huge ask. With that said, I know first hand that the work you do is not easy and for that reason I came up with an easier way to do things and I highly suggest giving our tools a run for there money.

As for you young bucks just getting into the solar industry, I suggest you start off with specialized tools for installing solar or one of two things is going to happen. One, you will quickly realize that installing solar panels is NOT as easy as it looks. It is hard on the body spending your day on a hot roofs bent over at an unnatural angle to mimic the roof pitch, continually bending over to work on the solar array and kneeling on a crazy hot roofs. Not to mention carrying around 50 lbs solar panels that can easily turn you into Buzz Lightyear on a windy day. Two, you have what it takes to deal with the hard work but learn some really bad habits that sick with you forever. 

Trust me when I say that the investment into tools designed to make your life easier will definitely be worth your money. If you are a small solar installation company looking to grow your business, these tools will allow you to keep your crews small and knock out large arrays is half the time. These tools are one of the best ways to squeeze some additional profit out of your projects.

Some of you are asking this very moment, how can a tool increase profits? That is simple, it is safe to assume that most of you are bidding your solar installs based on a price per watt. So it doesn't matter if it takes you one day or ten days to install your solar system, you will get paid the same no matter if you have one installer or ten installers. With the right tools you can speedup your install time with fewer installers, increasing the price per hour it cost to install a system, i.e increasing your profits.

Lets look at the two top tools necessary to speed up a solar install, the Panel Caddy and the Panel Hanger. These two tools streamline the carrying and staging of your panels roof side, then follow-up with the Panel Hanger in the mounting position to assist with everything from wire management to tightening the panels down.

You truly can be a one-man-show with these tools or . . . streamline the crew you do have to get the job done faster, safer, and easier!

Panel Caddy can lift one panel at a time and grips under the frame to ensure no damage to the panel.

Panel Hanger is sold in sets of two. We recommend 2 sets to start.

You can find both these mind-blowing items in our store www.solartoolsusa.com OR head on down to your local Greentech Renewables and request them!