RidgePro Roof Anchor (a roof anchor that doesn't need to be anchored to the roof)

Have you ever walked up to a job site and your first thought was "jeesh...that's a steep roof" or maybe it was winter and there was frost, ice, or snow on the roof and you were a bit anxious about climbing on just to get your roof anchor attached? 

I know I have been in those situations and there is nothing less fun, or more dangerous, than being on a roof that you are not fully comfortable with. For that reason, we are happy to offer the RidgePro roof anchor! This is a roof anchor system that adjusts to the roof pitch with you fall protection rope attached and can be set in place without leaving the ladder. 

This means that you never have to climb on the roof without being anchored. Whether you are using this system to set you roof anchors or you are using this product as your roof anchor, it is a perfect way to have 100% confidence and safety the moment you climb on until the moment you climb off. 

Yes, this system works on metal and slate tile roofs and will not crush the ridge cap or break the tile. The one roof this product will not work on is a Spanish tile roof as the weight when engaged with a solar installer will crush the tile.

The RidgePro Plus includes both the adjustable roof anchor and an 8-foot extension pole to assist with getting your anchor to the ridgeline with ease. The pole extends and locks at increments up to 16 feet, and features a quick-release button.