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50' Rope with Fall Arrester, Shock Pack and positioning Y-Lanyard

Solar Installation Lifeline Kit

$299.95 - $444.95
Already have a fall protection harness you love, but need to add all the other components? We've put together several different kits to meet your needs. Each option always includes the 50' lifeline...
ANIS Back Up Unit

Back-Up Fall Arrester

Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI The Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI is a certified version of the well-known Back-Up fall arrester. Safe and simple to use with only one hand and follows along with you as...
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20" Shock Pack

Shock Pack

Kong Back-Up Shock Pack with Aluminum Snap Hook A shock pack is an energy absorber designed to protect the lifeline and help absorb the kinetic energy that is created by a body in freefall. The Kong...
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Positioning Y-Lanyard


Work Positioning Twin Leg Lanyard The Work Positioning Y-Lanyard is made of lightweight aluminum snap hooks and nylon webbing in a Y form. When you need simple straightforward fall protection the...