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Permanent Roof Anchor with 4 - 5/16 - 3.5 inch long Lag

Permanent Roof Anchor

$99.95 - $3,499.95
PLEASE NOTE: The Permanent Roof Anchor is currently available as a pre-order only. Our first production run of this product is anticipated to be released in January of 2024. Pre-ordering your roof anchors now ensures you are first in line to receive...
NEWTON Fast International Professional/Tactical Version

Petzl - Newton Fast (Black/Tactical)

Petzl is a name known and trusted in both the recreational and work world. The challenge with their gear is combing through all the options to find the one that makes sense for a solar installer. We know your struggle which is why we've been working...
HI visibility lifeline that meet the requirements of the ANSI Z359.15 American fall protection standard.

50' Lifeline (Petzl)

$131.95 - $209.95
Impeccable lifeline construction is definitely an area Petzl has mastered and the options they offer for those working at heights really hits the mark in our opinion.  PURCHASING OPTIONS DEFINED: Lifeline & Carabiner: This option comes with two...
50 foot Life Line

50' Lifeline (Teufelberger)

Looking for the best fall protection rope on the market? We think this one is worth considering.  The Teufelberger 11mm Rope with Steel Snap Hook is a polyester sheath and nylon core rope engineered with flexibility and performance in mind. With the...
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Will not break like most 5 gallon buckets stuffed with fall protection

Rope Bag and Rope Weight

Are you currently hauling around all your safety gear in a 5-gallon bucket? Then you're going to be a huge fan of this bucket bag designed specifically for fall protection. This simple and durable bag can accommodate your 50' of lifeline, harness,...
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ANIS Back Up Unit

Back-Up Fall Arrester

Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI The Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI is a certified version of the well-known Back-Up fall arrester. Safe and simple to use with only one hand and follows along with you as you move along your line! That's right....with this...
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store small tools and fasteners such as mid clamps, end clamps, wire management clips or MC4 connector pieces.

Mid Clamp Pouch

$44.95 - $55.95
When Petzl first showed us this little tool bag, we knew this was the perfect harness accessory for a solar installer. If you’ve ever rock climbed then you’re familiar with how a chalk bag works. This awesome tool pouch functions the same way...
Supper comfortable work helmet

Vertex Vented Helmet

$99.95 - $169.95
Protecting your noggin on the job site should truly be at the top of your safety list. Especially important for those cruising around below those working on the roof. If you’ve worn a hard hat, then you might already have an opinion that...
System can stretch to a length of up to 120 cm for ease of use while working

Tool Leashes

$21.95 - $26.95
Our dogs and kids aren’t the only things that sometimes need a leash. Occasionally your tools need one too. Especially when working at heights.  Petzl makes an awesome TOOLEASH that ensures your tool will always be nowhere but at your side. We...