Solar Tools USA is on a Mission

As Solar Tools USA continues to gain momentum in the solar industry we think it’s important to be transparent about where we came from and more importantly where we are striving to ultimately go with this business.

P.S. Our plans are going to need your input, so be sure to read to the end.

Where it Began:

If you’ve taken a read on Solar Tools Founder, Kevin, then you’re fully aware of his involvement in the solar industry over the past 15 years. If this is news to you, take a pause and click here to get up to speed. The point in highlighting this detail is to legitimize the fact that this business was built out of passion and knowledge and not on making a quick buck.

Now onto the story.

Back in early 2000, Kevin began recognizing the lack of specialized tools available to solar installers to streamline the process and navigate the headaches everyone was facing. Out of frustration and refusing to accept that’s just the way it was, he began to conceptualize how he could create the answers himself.

The result: his initial invention, the Solar Panel Hanger, became a reality. First, it was just a tool that his own install teams were using. It helped alleviate the constant struggle with training a new install crew, increased productivity and reduced operational cost. When Kevin began to see the obvious results this tool was having in his own business, it didn’t take long for other companies to start asking what the secret was. That’s when Kevin began to realize that maybe he was onto something more and began considering the bigger picture and the idea of Solar Tools USA.

Dreaming up tool ideas and making a few for your own crew is one thing, manufacturing and bringing it to market is a whole different story. Thus, the first few years of its inception, Solar Tools was affectionately seen as a nice little “side hustle.” Yah no, that fun little thing you do on the side that you hope at least breaks even on cost of materials so your wife doesn’t tell you to shut it down?

Here’s the thing, Kevin isn’t the type of person that does things small. So even though he couldn’t devote the time he would have liked to manufacturing, distribution, marketing etc; the wheels were always turning on what the next steps could look like if time presented itself. The ideas for new tools kept coming to him in the middle of the night like little nuggets of gold and he couldn’t ignore his inner voice telling him he could do more.

At last the extra time did come and an interesting thing began to happen as Kevin networked with other clever tool inventors and solar installation companies. He noticed two common themes A) the inventors were struggling to get their product noticed and B) solar installers were having a hard time finding and/or even knowing there were products on the market specifically for them. And that's when he realized, he could help them both simultaneously.

The Solution:

Create one spot where solar tool inventors can offer their product and solar installers can go to find everything they need or didn’t even realize they need.

And that friends is where Solar Tools USA is going into the future.

The Mission:

Our mission is to continue to solve problems for solar installers so they can focus on getting the job done faster, safer, easier and more profitable than before. We believe we can achieve this by offering tools that are functional, quality and sourced from companies like yours that understand renewable energy and the process behind a solar install. Along with providing an educational platform for business owners, so they feel they can make informed decisions for their companies.

The Future:

Solar Tools USA has lots of exciting ideas to implement as we move into the future.

  • Release of new Solar Tools USA branded products
  • Curation of additional products from other vendors
  • Video tutorials of tools in action
  • Video product reviews

What We Need From You:

Here’s the thing. We can invent, craft and curate all kinds of tools we think the industry needs but what would be the use of that, if the industry doesn’t want them? We can also make all kinds of video tutorials on products you could care less about. So . . .if you are reading this, you are in the driver's seat. You know when you make those comments, “I just wish there was a tool that could help me with X.” Or “I really struggle with Y and I wish there was a video on how to overcome it.” Those are the things we want to solve for you.

Maybe you’ve already come up with an idea and you have no clue how to take the next steps, or get it to market. We want to be the stepping stone for you to make it happen!

Consider Solar Tools USA as an incubator for solar tool inventors and products and the ultimate information resource.

We are on a mission to change the way this industry installs solar, one crazy idea at a time.

Email us at today with all your ideas, comments and questions. We aren’t looking to do it alone, so jump on board and come along for the ride.