Handheld Insulation and Continuity Tester (MIT2500)

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The Megger MIT2500 insulation and continuity tester is a multifunctional instrument, including voltage, resistance, and capacitance measurement capabilities. However, its primary function is as an insulation resistance tester which identifies when hazardous ground faults are present due to compromised wires. Insulation resistance testing should be done prior to energizing your array at the commissioning stage and during routine maintenance checks to monitor the integrity of your conductors. Not detecting these faults quickly can cause major delays and costly damages with the risk of shock, fires, property damage, and more.

The MIT2500 has a wide range of testing voltages from 50 to 2500 V, making it applicable to all PV systems. Tests can be performed on the PV source and output circuits, inverter output circuits, and utility interconnection equipment rated less than 25 kV. 

A megohmmeter’s insulation resistance test measures two components: current leakage through the insulation and current leakage over the insulation material. The current leaking through the insulation, without the surface leakage, is the true measure of the safety and quality of the conductors and insulation you’re testing.

The Megger MIT2500 is the only handheld megohmmeter with a guard terminal that eliminates or greatly reduces the effect of surface leakage on the test results. The guard terminal is an important component to help field technicians collect better test data. It allows the tool to calculate and remove any surface leakage that occurs during normal testing procedures.


  • Guard terminal
  • Stabilized insulation test voltage
  • Measurement range displayed during selection
  • Measurement voltage displayed during testing
  • Insulation buzzer: if resistance is about a user-adjustable limit (can be silenced when needed)
  • Display offers a combination of analog arc and a dual digital readout
  • Weatherproof case to reduce water ingress
  • Over-molded for increased protection and IP54 weatherproof rating
  • Bluetooth pairing allows for easy download of test result data to a CSV file


  • Test voltages: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, and 2500 V
  • Test voltage tolerance is within 2% of the selected range
  • Insulation testing up to 2.5 kV  and 200 GΩ range in a hand-held instrument
  • Single range, faster continuity testing from 0.01 Ω to 1 MΩ
  • Polarization Index (PI) & Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)
  • CAT IV 600 V applications
  • 6 AA batteries (standard alkaline or NiMH rechargeable) provide min of 3,000 insulation tests at 1000 V


  • Red/Black/Blue silicone test leads with prods and clips
  • 2.5 kV Red/Black/Blue silicone test leads with clips
  • 6 Batteries X AA Alkaline
  • Carry Case
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Additional Info