Irradiance Sensor (PVM210)

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A key factor in a well-performing photovoltaic system is optimal placement on the roof, based on the intensity of the sunlight (irradiance) striking the array. The amount of current a PV module can produce is directly proportional to the irradiance striking the array, this measurement is critical when validating the performance of a PV system. The Megger PVM210 Irradiance Sensor provides technicians the ability to correlate the current output from their array with the irradiance for accurate calculations on the array performance.

You can operate this compact, pocket-size instrument single-handedly because the solar detector and meter are conveniently housed in one neat device. This feature proves especially handy when using the instrument on a sloping roof or while perched at the top of a ladder.

To fully verify performance pair your Irradiance Meter with the Solar Clamp Meter (DCM1500S) to obtain accurate readings of amperage and operating temps of the modules. 


  • Optimal incident angle and positioning of solar panels
  • 3¾ digits LCD display with max reading 3999
  • Single-handed use
  • Mini pocket size
  • Universal camera thread to mount for precise readings
  • Auto power off
  • Range feature to provide more accurate readings in low light conditions


  • Measurements Range: 1999W/m² or 634 BTU/(ft²*h) (British Thermal Unit)
  • Weight: 90g
  • Battery life approx 50 hours
  • 2 AAA batteries


  • Protective pouch
  • Batteries 2x AAA
  • Calibration certificate
Additional Info

Additional Info