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Eliminated the need to bend over when tightening down solar panels

Solar Racking Torque Limiter - XL

PLEASE NOTE: The Solar Racking Torque Limiter XL is currently available as a pre-order only. Our first production run of this product is anticipated to be released in January of 2024. Pre-ordering your XL now ensures you are first in line to receive...
This pallet is adjustable for different lengths and sizes of solar panels

PV Pallet

Finally, a solar module shipping and storage solution that is both durable and sustainable. How is an industry based on sustainability, reducing waste, eliminating unnecessary costs, and pushing the boundaries of technology still using a wood pallet? Not...
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Kit includes pole, pole tubing, 3/8 hose, handy reel and hose adapter

27' Water-Fed Pole Kit (150' Hose Reel)

TUCKER®️ SOLAR BOOST 27’ WATER-FED POLE KIT WITH ALPHA SOLAR BRUSH   What's included: 1 Tucker® - Solar Boost 27' Carbon Fiber Water-Fed Pole 1 Tucker®️ Alpha Solar XL Brush 100' Tucker® 5/16" OD Pole Tubing 150' Hand Carry...
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