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Eliminate the need to bend over when tightening down solar panels with this drill bit extender.

Torque Limiter Extender

PLEASE NOTE: The Torque Limiter Extender is currently available as a pre-order only. Our first production run of this product is anticipated to be released in Quarter 2 of 2024. Pre-ordering your tool now ensures you are first in line to receive...
Reusable and recyclable solar module storage and movement system.


Finally, a solar module shipping and storage solution that is both durable and sustainable. How is an industry based on sustainability, reducing waste, eliminating unnecessary costs, and pushing the boundaries of technology still using a wood pallet? Not...
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Basic starter kit for a new solar installer. Fall protection harness, lifeline, and fall arrester kit, ladder stabilizer, roof anchor, roof peak hook, panel caddy, panel hangers, and rafter finder.

New Installer Starter Kit

Just getting started in the solar industry and need to build your installer toolbox?  This kit was created just for you! It's built with safety and efficiency in mind. This kit will ensure you are meeting safety requirements on the roof and you've...