Solar Clamp Meter (DCM1500S)

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To properly verify the performance of a PV array, multiple tests must be run and the corresponding data points collected. 

In addition to voltage and current measurement, the Solar Clamp Meter (DCM1500S) has the ability to measure resistance, diode, capacitance, temperature, and frequency. With its wide range of capabilities, this meter can be used at all points in nearly every array from an individual module, the output of combiner boxes, inverters, and ac panelboards.  It is therefore intended for use while installing, maintaining, fault-finding, or monitoring those systems. 

With the tactile barrier below the jaws of the instrument, this tool allows technicians to safely and effectively measure up to 2000 V DC and 1500 V AC and amperages up to 1,500 A on both AC and DC circuits.

The voltage output of PV modules is dependent on temperature. As the temperature increases, the modules' voltage decreases. The Solar Clamp Meter features a temperature probe to measure and record the operating temperature of the PV modules allowing one to then calculate the expected output voltage of the array. The DC voltage measurement feature provides the actual voltage to compare to the expected. 

The DC current measurement can also be used in applications including battery monitoring, automotive, charging and load circuits, electrical vehicle servicing, lift maintenance, electro-plating plants and welding equipment servicing as well as domestic power generation from solar panels, and wind turbines. 

The amount of current produced by a PV module is dependent on the intensity of the sunlight (irradiance) striking the array. Pair the Solar Clamp Meter with the PVM210 Irradiance Meter to complete your DC power measurement.


  • Large, white LED backlit display
  • Temperature probe 
  • Pairs with mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Use of the Megger Link App for remote monitoring
  • 6,000 counts digital display
  • Date logging up to 1000 records
  • Auto Power Off
  • Manual save mode
  • °C/°F Temperature function
  • High-frequency rejection filter
  • Max/Min & inrush current measurement
  • Internal data logging
  • Non-contact volt seek mode
  • Manual DC amp zeroing


  • Meets the IEC61010-1, IEC/EN61010-2-033, CAT III 1,000V and CAT IV 600 V applications
  • 2000 V DC
  • TRMS 1500 V AC
  • 1500 A AC/DC Smart Hold
  • Auto-ranging


  • DCM 4 mm Lead Set (Inc. Probes and Crocodile Clips)
  • TP100 K-Type Thermocouple Probe
  • PVHV1 Lead (4 mm Plugs)
  • PVHV2 Lead (PV Plugs)
  • Hard Carry Case
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Additional Info


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