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RidgePro with 8'-16' extension pole

RidgePro Plus

THE PREMIUM DEVICE FOR STEEP-SLOPE ROOFING SAFETY As we all know, fall protection is a must when negotiating a roof while installing solar, but it comes with its headaches. It never fails that the rope gets caught up in the racking or hung up around the...
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Lockjaw Ladder Grip Side View

Ladder Stabilizer

$119.00 - $198.00
We've all climbed a ladder and had a little moment of panic when it suddenly swayed and you lost your balance for a moment.  Imagine the intensity of that feeling when you've added the task of carrying a solar panel at the same time. Ladder safety...
Compact Steep Roof Assist Package

Steep Roof Assist

"The Goat" If you have ever worked on a steep roof, a roof covered in snow, or even a metal roof in the rain, then you will understand the need for this tool. It is literally a lifesaver in many ways. Whether you are climbing on the roof to do an...
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Steep Roof Assist Duffel Bag with extension straps

Steep Roof Assist (Deluxe Package)

"Deluxe Goat" The Deluxe Goat is much like the regular goat but with a bag! Really though..... we all know that loose tools become lost or broken tools. Having a carrying case for this product is well worth the extra cheddar. We have also included an...
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