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Solar Panel Hanger Set (mounting position)

Solar Panel Hanger (Set of 2)

The solar panel hanger is designed to assist with the mounting, leveling, and staging of solar panels in traditional roof mount situations. The tool was created to be an extra pair of hands without the cost of adding another installer to your crew. With...
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adjustable tool belt


TrakBelt360 is a utility belt that allows your tools and pouches to rotate 360 degrees around your waist with its patented track rotation system. Helping you maneuver and access your tools more quickly on the fly. Speed - Maximize productivity by...
Designed with your logo

Customized Ground Mount Pipe Cap

$5.25 - $7.50
You've built a beautiful ground mount system and now you wish you could find a way to add the finishing touch and cap the ends of your SCH40 pipe.  Personalize each cap with your company's logo. Every other product you use has figured out a way to...
Ground Mount Pipe Cap

Ground Mount Pipe Cap

$3.75 - $6.00
You've built a beautiful ground mount system and now you wish you could find a way to add the finishing touch and cap the ends of your SCH40 pipe.  Plus, if it's never crossed your mind those holes at the end of your pipe are going to become a...
Enphase M Series Disconnect Tool Top View

Enphase Disconnect Tool M and S Series

This tool is designed for disconnecting Enphase M series and S series microinverters utilizing the Engage cable system, MC4, and H4 solar panel connectors. The M & S series microinverters are not commonly used these days as Enphase has moved on to...
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Solar Panel Hoist Battery Operated

Solar Panel Hoist

$4,895.00 - $6,195.00
Time is money when you're out on the job site. Whether you're installing three solar power systems per day, instead of only two, or finishing a job by 4 pm instead of 6 pm, the Tranzvolt system helps you get more done, faster. In today's competitive...
25 year warranty on all parts to match the warranty on the solar system you are installing

Solar Attic Fan

Ever challenged with coordinating access into a customer's attic to complete your wiring work on a solar install? Or better yet, maybe the crawl space is so small or the location is so challenging you're not even sure how your gonna fit through it...
Manufacture Specific Solar Panel Hanger Feet

Accessory: Rail Specific (Set of 2)

This product is an optional accessory available for your Solar Panel Hanger.  Many solar installers love the feature of the universal foot that comes standard with your Solar Panel Hanger. Its design provides for ease of transition from one rail...
Solar Panel Caddy 3/4 View

Solar Panel Caddy

The Solar Panel Caddy is designed to assist with the lifting and carrying of solar panels.  The tool was created out of the frustrating daily grind of carrying solar panels onto a roof.  Features: Gravity-Fed grip which securely locks...
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Ballast block adjustable brick carrier, ideal for CMU block

Ballast Block Carrier

Tired of carrying piles of concrete block from one side of the roof to the other; to hold down your ballast mount systems? Then we've got the perfect tool to help make carrying CMU blocks a bit easier. The Ballast Block Carrier is adjustable for...
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wire rope saw for fast cutting of roof vent pipes

Vent Pipe Cutter

The vent pipe rope saw is an ingeniously versatile cutter for use in confined work areas. It also works great when on a roof and you need need to cut a vent pipe. The 32" serrated cutting cable easily slices through roof vent pipes. Comfort grip handles...
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Chiptoolz Rafter/Stud Center-Line Locator

Rafter/Stud Center-Line Locator

We bet you're like every other solar installer on the planet and can locate the roof trusses every single time. Wild guess says you take your trusty hammer, knock away and Boom there it is! We won't tell if you've missed once or twice, because it happens...
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