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The Solar Panel Caddy used to lift and carry modules around the job site.

Solar Panel Caddy

$24.95 - $124.95
PLEASE NOTE: Solar Panels with a thickness of 32mm or less will require the Panel Caddy Spacer be added to the Panel Caddy in order for the tool to work properly. (This is a removable accessory) The Solar Panel Caddy is designed to assist with the...
The Module Mover or Mod Mover is a solar panel carrying tool to assist with the lifting and carrying of solar panels.

Module Mover

The Module "Mod" Mover A tool designed to assist with the carrying of solar panels around the job site.  This handy little tool is a more simplistic version of our Solar Panel Caddy. Although the Solar Panel Caddy is loved around the world, this...
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A Set of Solar Panel Hangers consists of 2 tools. Together the two tools rest on the racking of your choice providing a place for your to lay your solar panel to assist with wire management and mounting.

Solar Panel Hanger (Set of 2)

The Solar Panel Hanger is designed to assist with the mounting, leveling, and staging of solar panels in traditional roof mount situations. The tool was created to be an extra pair of hands without the cost of adding another installer to your crew. With...
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IronRidge Reversible Foot: Fits when rail facing either direction

IronRidge Rail Specific Feet (Set of 2)

$19.95 - $29.95
This product is an optional accessory available for your Solar Panel Hanger.  Many solar installers love the feature of the universal foot that comes standard with your Solar Panel Hanger. Its design provides ease of transition from one rail type to...
CMU Block carrying tool

Ballast Block Carrier

Meet the Ballast Block Carrier.    Loathe the task of hauling ballast block aka CMU Block around the jobsite?   Though the job will definitely get your gym workout in for the day, it is taxing and will certainly do a number on your...
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Permanent Roof Anchor full encapsulated with 2 lag screws and forged steel D ring

Permanent Roof Anchor

$99.95 - $1,999.95
Got all the fall protection gear but still searching for a decent anchor to tie into? We were too, so you know what . . . we did something about it.  Say hello to our take on a roof anchor.  It’s permanent, it won’t leak, and you...
The Nöhlster is a locking tool clip that provides an easy way to ensure your tools stay firmly clipped to your side.

Locking Tool Clip

$24.95 - $119.95
Ever had a tape measure or power tool dislodge from your belt, pocket, or holster and barrel off the roof? You wouldn't be the first. Not only is it frustrating when this happens it can also be dangerous. The inventor of this locking tool clip knows...
Enphase Energy disconnect tool for M and S Series microinverters.

Enphase Disconnect Tool M and S Series

This tool is designed for disconnecting Enphase M series and S series microinverters utilizing the Engage cable system, MC4, and H4 solar panel connectors. The M & S series microinverters are not commonly used these days as Enphase has moved on to...
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Chiptoolz rafter, centerline locator is a full-proof method for locating and hitting a truss shingles every single time.

Rafter/Stud Center-Line Locator

We bet you're like every other solar installer on the planet and can locate the roof trusses every single time. Wild guess says you take your trusty hammer, knock away and Boom there it is! We won't tell if you've missed once or twice, because it happens...
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Black Solar Spacer works with 7/16"x3/4" (10mm x 20mm)

Solar Spacer

The Solar Spacer is a tool designed to assist with the installation of solar panels. This tool ensures that all panels are laid equidistant from each other, thus achieving a consistent, symmetrical pattern WHY DO I NEED IT? • Eliminate human...
Caulking gun warming wrap insulates a 10oz tube, allowing your material to stay toasty while loaded in your gun.

Caulk Warmers

$14.99 - $89.95
For those that work outside when the temperatures drop, you know the struggle with keeping adhesives warm is real.  We've found solutions that can solve your cold weather application problems, keep your productivity high, and your frustrations...
Ground Mount Pipe Cap fits horizontal SCH40 and mechanical tubing.

Ground Mount Pipe Cap

$3.75 - $6.00
You've built a beautiful ground mount system and now you wish you could find a way to add the finishing touch and cap the ends of your SCH40 pipe.  Plus, if it's never crossed your mind those holes at the end of your pipe are going to become a...
Ground mount pipe caps can be customized with your company logo.

Customized Ground Mount Pipe Cap

$5.25 - $7.50
You've built a beautiful ground mount system and now you wish you could find a way to add the finishing touch and cap the ends of your SCH40 pipe.  Personalize each cap with your company's logo. Every other product you use has figured out a way to...
Kwick Cut Tools wire rope saw for fast cutting of roof vent pipes

Vent Pipe Cutter

KwitCut Tools is the industry leader in vent pipe rope saws.  The vent pipe rope saw is an ingeniously versatile cutter for use in confined work areas. It also works great when on a roof and you need need to cut a vent pipe. The 32" (.813m) serrated...
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The Commercial Installer Kit includes two (2) Ballast Block Carriers + two (2) Solar Panel Caddy's.

Commercial Solar Installer Kit

$299.95 - $349.95
Commercial solar installations might give you a little reprieve from the challenges of a typical residential rooftop install, however the manual labor is absolutely going to be exponentially higher.  It's all about humping 40lb panels and 30lb...