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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a gutter clamp ladder tie-off tool.

Gutter Clamp Ladder Stabilizer

We've all climbed a ladder and had a little moment of panic when it suddenly swayed and you lost your balance for a moment.  Imagine the intensity of that feeling when you've added the task of carrying a solar panel at the same time. Ladder safety...
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The Soffit Ladder Clamp includes one anchor and two 48" Velcro straps.

Soffit Ladder Clamp

The Tie Down Safety Ladder Stability Anchor allows workers to secure a ladder against a structure, reducing the possibility of the bottom of the ladder kicking out or from sliding due to the transition between the two. This ladder stability anchor offers...
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The RidgePro roof anchor provides a first man up roof peak anchoring option before you ever leave the ladder.

RidgePro Roof Anchor

$99.95 - $614.95
THE PREMIUM DEVICE FOR STEEP-SLOPE ROOFING SAFETY Compliant with OSHA standard 1926 Subpart M for a single user, withstanding and exceeding 5,000 pounds of static strength force. As we all know, fall protection is a must when negotiating a roof while...
The Goat Steep Roof Assist Compact (Standard) option comes with 20 lineal feet of reach.

Steep Roof Assist

$669.00 - $809.00
If you have ever worked on a steep roof, a roof covered in snow, or even a metal roof in the rain, then you will understand the need for this tool. It is literally a lifesaver in many ways. Whether you are climbing on the roof to do an inspection, clean...
Ladder Safety Legs independently adjustable ladder stabilizer

Ladder Safety Legs

These ladder safety legs are arguably one of the best and most stable ladder stabilizer options we have ever seen. The method sets itself apart from other ladder stabilizers in its unique design. Traditional options provide a security feature at the top...
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Ascension roof ascender by Petzl operates seamlessly with the lifeline we carry.

Roof Ascender

Fall protection is more than wearing the right harness and attaching a lifeline to a roof anchor. There are so many other accessories that can be paired with your lifeline that can make your job truly faster, safer, and easier.  For instance, the...
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Petzl NEWTON Fast International Professional/Tactical fall protection harness.

Petzl - Newton Fast (Black/Tactical)

Petzl is a name known and trusted in both the recreational and work world. The challenge with their gear is combing through all the options to find the one that makes sense for a solar installer. We know your struggle which is why we've been working...
Kestrel Fall Protection Harness does not have a belt across your back which greatly reduced chaffing.

Kestrel Harness

The Elk River Kestrel Platinum Series 4 D-Ring Harness is a clear winner for use by solar installers for many reasons: No waist belt  Waist belts get in the way and dig into your belly when continually bending over on a roof. So without the waist...
High visibility lifeline that meet the requirements of the ANSI Z359.15 American fall protection standard.

50' Lifeline (Petzl)

$131.95 - $209.95
Impeccable lifeline construction is definitely an area Petzl has mastered and the options they offer for those working at heights really hits the mark in our opinion.  PURCHASING OPTIONS DEFINED: Lifeline & Carabiner: This option comes with two...
This heavy duty rope bag made by Petzl is a solution to the problem with storing your fall protection gear in a 5 gallon bucket. Compliance in a can just doesn't cut it long term. This bag is built to last.

Rope Bag and Rope Weight

Are you currently hauling around all your safety gear in a 5-gallon bucket? Then you're going to be a huge fan of this bucket bag designed specifically for fall protection. This simple and durable bag can accommodate your 50' of lifeline, harness,...
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The Petzl ASAP Fall Arrester provides a great option for use by solar installers with its hands-free working capabilities

ASAP Fall Arrester Kit

A proper lifeline and harness are only ⅔ rds of the equation needed in order to truly be squared away with your fall protection.  The 3rd (and very essential component) is a proper fall arrest system.  We’ve worked with Petzl to ensure...
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This lightweight tool bag is a great solution to storing small tools and fasteners such as mid clamps, end clamps, wire management clips or MC4 connector pieces at your side.

Mid Clamp Pouch

$44.95 - $55.95
When Petzl first showed us this little tool bag, we knew this was the perfect harness accessory for a solar installer. If you’ve ever rock climbed then you’re familiar with how a chalk bag works. This awesome tool pouch functions the same way...
The Petzl Vented Vertex helmet provides a comfortable, more ergonomic alternative to your traditional hardhat.

Vertex Vented Helmet

$99.95 - $169.95
Protecting your noggin on the job site should truly be at the top of your safety list. Especially important for those cruising around below those working on the roof. If you’ve worn a hard hat, then you might already have an opinion that...
Tool leash to ensure you do not loose or drop a tool. System can stretch to a length of up to 40 in (101.6 cm) for ease of use while working.

Tool Leashes

$21.95 - $26.95
Our dogs and kids aren’t the only things that sometimes need a leash. Occasionally your tools need one too. Especially when working at heights.  Petzl makes an awesome TOOLEASH that ensures your tool will always be nowhere but at your side. We...
The Megger Solar Clamp Meter (DCM1500S) can be used while testing and commissioning a solar array.

Solar Clamp Meter (DCM1500S)

To properly verify the performance of a PV array, multiple tests must be run and the corresponding data points collected.  In addition to voltage and current measurement, the Solar Clamp Meter (DCM1500S) has the ability to measure resistance, diode,...
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The Megger Thermal Camera (TC3231) provides a great method for identifying potential problems with a solar array or the electrical connections.

Thermal Camera (TC3231)

Operations and maintenance teams need to rely on quality tools to help troubleshoot problems with PV arrays.  The Megger Thermal Camera (TC3231) provides a great method for identifying potential problems with the array itself, or inside any piece of...
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Megger PVM210 is a pocket size, hand-held  irradiance meter

Irradiance Sensor (PVM210)

A key factor in a well-performing photovoltaic system is optimal placement on the roof, based on the intensity of the sunlight (irradiance) striking the array. The amount of current a PV module can produce is directly proportional to the irradiance...
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