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Solar Tools Heavy Blend™ Hooded

Solar Tools Heavy Blend™ Hooded

$36.47 - $51.97
Crafted for comfort, this lighter weight sweatshirt is perfect for relaxing. Once put on, it will be impossible to take off.   .: Classic fit.: 50% Cotton; 50% Polyester (fibre content may vary for different colors).: Medium fabric (8.0 oz/yd²...
Solar Tools USA Hat

Flat Bill Cap

We've joined the masses and are now offering flat bill ballcaps imprinted with the Solar Tools USA logo. Ya know you want one! Ballcap is currently only offered in black.  High-profile fit Grey under visor Six-panel Sewn eyelets Snapback...
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solar tools usa kiss-cut sticker

Solar Tools USA Sticker

$5.45 - $7.45
Swag is fun! At least we think so. Got a work truck or toolbox filled with flare from all your favorite solar industry go-to's? Well then add us to the partay! These stickers are super cool because the use they kiss cut method. This means the sticker is...
Rooftop Solar Installer Kit

Rooftop Solar Installer Kit

$849.95 - $874.95
Whether you're just getting started in the solar industry or have been installing solar for ages, there are ways to make the process faster, safer, and easier.  Residential rooftop solar installations can be challenging. Steep roofs,...
2 Ballast Block Carriers + 2 Solar Panel Caddy's

Commercial Solar Installer Kit

$299.95 - $349.95
Commercial solar installations might give you a little reprieve from the challenges of a typical residential rooftop install, however the manual labor is absolutely going to be exponentially higher.  It's all about humping 40lb panels and 30lb...
Ridgepro Roof Anchor with extension pole, 50' Rope, and Gutter Clamp Ladder Stabilizer

Roof Access Kit

$825.95 - $925.95
Whether you're on the roof for solar needs, performing an inspection, or even hanging Christmas lights, ensuring you're properly secured for the job should be top priority.  We've created the Roof Access Safety Kit based off of the top products we...
Full Kit with lifeline, all necessary items to be ANSI approved

Solar Installation Lifeline Kit (Petzl)

$475.95 - $655.95
Are you looking for a high-quality lifeline kit to go with the fall protection harness you already own? The Petzl Lifeline Kit is our top-of-the-line offering. All of the products offered in these kits are Petzel branded and will always include the 50'...
50' Rope with Fall Arrester, Shock Pack and positioning Y-Lanyard

Solar Installation Lifeline Kit (Kong)

Already have a fall protection harness you love, but need to add all the other components? We've put together several different kits to meet your needs. Each option always includes the 50' lifeline rope and back-up fall arrester. From there you can add...
Petzl 50' lifeline, ASAP fall Arrester and Tactical black harness

Solar Install Fall Protection Kit (Petzl)

$645.95 - $855.95
Whether you've realized it's time to gear up and are overwhelmed with all the options OR the gear you currently have just doesn't seem to be the perfect fit for the job of a solar installer, you've come to the right place! As installers and former solar...
Kestrel Harness, 50' Rope, Fall Arrester, and 20" Shock Pack

Solar Install Fall Protection Kit (Kong)

Just getting yourself dialed in on your fall protection and need a full kit? We know how difficult it can be to find the right type of fall protection for a solar installer. We've done the research and only offer options that we are confident will meet...
Solar Panel Cleaning Kit with Duffle Bag/Carrying Case

Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Cleaning solar panels is a lot like cleaning windows. It can be daunting and sometimes challenging dependent on how far you have to reach.  This Pro Curve Solar Panel Cleaning System has all the tools you need to reach and clean even the most...
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Solar Panel Cleaner Polywater Cleaning Products Quart, Gallon, Five Gallon

Solar Panel Cleaner

$24.95 - $215.95
We're not here to convince you whether or not cleaning your solar panels regularly is a necessity. That's up to you to decide. We are just here to present the options and the rationale behind why it might be worth considering. Solar panels get dirty,...
Cleaning pack includes the cleaning tool kit, one gallon of solar panel cleaner concentrate, and one gutter clamp ladder stabilizer

Solar Panel Cleaning Pack

$409.95 - $429.95
Solar panels get dirty, that is a fact that can't be argued. The longer they go without a cleaning, the more the solar generation of the panels is affected. Depending upon the local climate and other conditions, solar panels could potentially lose as...
Kit includes pole, pole tubing, 3/8 hose, handy reel and hose adapter

27' Water-Fed Pole Kit (150' Hose Reel)

TUCKER®️ SOLAR BOOST 27’ WATER-FED POLE KIT WITH ALPHA SOLAR BRUSH   What's included: 1 Tucker® - Solar Boost 27' Carbon Fiber Water-Fed Pole 1 Tucker®️ Alpha Solar XL Brush 100' Tucker® 5/16" OD Pole Tubing 150' Hand Carry...
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3-Stage Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Rival Solar Kit

TUCKER®️ WATER FED POLE SOLAR PANEL CLEANING KIT W/ RIVAL  This professional-level pure water cleaning system is an entry-level RO/DI kit designed for residential properties and low- rise buildings. This kit is great for those looking for an...
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5-Stage Max Output Kit for Solar Panel Cleaning

5 Stage Max Output Kit

TUCKER®️ WATER FED POLE SOLAR PANEL CLEANING KIT W/ MAX OUTPUT The Tucker® Max Output 5-Stage Solar Panel Cleaning Kit features the new Max Output RO/DI cart with two 40" RO membranes, independent sediment and carbon pre-filtration, and DI...
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Pipe Cap Display Front 3/4 View

Pipe Cap Display

Sometimes you need to see it to believe it! And that is exactly what the pipe cap display is meant to do.  Compact and low profile, it comes with a set of caps in our three most popular sizes 1 1/2", 2", and 3". Additionally, these caps will...
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